SMO - Krajinski in pripovedni muzej - Museo di paesaggi e narrazioni - Landscape and narrative museum

About the museum

Slovensko multimedialno okno

The museum SMO of San Pietro al Natisone is dedicated to the cultural landscape that stretches from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic sea, from Mangart Mountain to the Gulf of Trieste. The peculiarity of this museum is that it is not defined by a collection of objects, yet it has narrative.

The museum is conceived as an active, dynamic and inspiring place, based on communication; the places unfold and are narrated through aspects that characterise the culture of the area. This is a place where artistic experimentation and territories of memory are weaved together. The museum offers interactive itineraries and multimedia paintings of a landscape interpreted as a cohesion of people and places, stories and memories able to arouse motivation and reflection. Through narration we get to know the landscape, we can listen to it and identify the language as connective of many cultural variations, microcosms, overflowing with stories.

The museum is open to anyone who wants to learn about the history of the area in which the Slovenes of the provinces of Udine, Gorizia and Trieste have settled. It is also open to the residents, who know little about or do not appreciate the cultural and environmental specificity. Of course, it is open to tourists, both Italian and foreign. And finally, it is open to young people who can learn in an open and dynamic environment.

The museum is designed with scientific rigour but it also works as a communication device. The new technologies installed are key elements of this interactive museum; the visitor is not a simple spectator but the protagonist of the knowledge process. The museum is also a documentation centre and an archive in constant evolution. Moreover, it is a research centre with designated areas for study and research, intertwining relations with the territory, public institutions and private collections.