SMO - Krajinski in pripovedni muzej - Museo di paesaggi e narrazioni - Landscape and narrative museum

Illustrated history

Videos showcase two topics of the local history, illustrated.
“Language in time” is a live painting, made by the well-known illustrator Cosimo Miorelli, and describes the history of the written Slovenian language. The music is by Atta Aman tribute and the text is by Živa Gruden.

“The History of the Natisone Valleys” represents the history of the Natisone Valleys seen by the krivapeta Ivanka. The drawings are by Moreno Tomasetig, local illustrator and cartoonist, and the text is by Giorgio Banchig.

lingua nel tempo_Jezik v času”
live painting: Cosimo Miorelli
text: Živa Gruden

“Storia delle Valli del Natisone_Zgodovina Nediških dolin”
risbe: Moreno Tomasetig,
video editing: Paolo Comuzzi
text: Giorgio Banchig

“Caporetto 1917-2017 La disfatta sul confine orientale_Poraz na vzhodnji meji”
live painting: Cosimo Miorelli,
text: Giorgio Banchig